2014 HPOZ Conference Tour


On Saturday, October 18, the Los Angeles Conservancy is partnering with the Office of Historic Resources to sponsor the bi-annual HPOZ Conference. The Conference will be held at the Wilshire United Methodist Church at Plymouth and Wilshire. These Conferences are intended to be a source of information for existing Historic Districts and all neighborhoods that want the protection which Zoning Overlays can offer. From the Conservancy, this Conference is for you if:

  • You are interested in learning more about current issues facing older and historic neighborhoods in Los Angeles, such as sustainability, mansionization, and teardowns;
  • You want to maintain your neighborhood’s character and to hear about ways to help;
  • You live in, or own property in, an HPOZ (Historic Preservation Overlay Zone) or historic district;
  • You are a current HPOZ Board member; OR
  • You are interested in forming an HPOZ in your neighborhood

The Triplets (Country Club Park, Wilshire Park and Windsor Village HPOZs) were chosen as this year's location. Walking tours of all three neighborhoods are on the agenda. The theme this year is Sustainability. Wilshire Park's tour will be covering a phenomenon that occurred in the 1920s in Los Angeles: moving homes intact from one neighborhood to another. Wilshire Park was the new location for many homes from Western, Hoover, Mariposa and other streets which were being squeezed by the expansion of the commercial core of downtown. The tour will cover seven moved-on houses on Bronson in the Boulevard Heights National Register District between Wilshire and 8th Street, and will include information about where the homes were originally built and why they were moved. For a primary source report on house moving in LA, see "Feats of Modern House Movers Make Archimedes Roll Over in His Grave."  7/25/1926, on the Los Angeles Public Library website.

For more information, please go to LA Conservancy: LA Historic Neighborhoods Conference. Tickets are $25.00 until October 1, $30.00 until the day of the Conference, and $35.00 at the door. When you purchase tickets, you will be asked to choose two lectures, one morning and one afternoon, and to choose which neighborhood you would like to tour. For our residents who have questions about what HPOZs control, how the process works, where to get information, where to begin on a project and more, an HPOZ 101 session is being offered in the morning.

Please join us on October 18 for great information, a lot of good conversation, and a walk in a beautiful Historic District.

For the Tour Companion Booklet which covers many more interesting moved-on homes, please follow this link: Recycled Houses: The Story of House Relocation in Wilshire Park.