A Little Wilshire Park HPOZ History

Wilshire Park has been an Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ) since November 5, 2008, when our adopting ordinance was unanimously passed by the City Council after review by the Office of Historic Resources and careful vetting by both the Department of City Planning and Architectural Resources Group (ARG).

After a two-year delay caused by the 2008 financial crisis and the subsequent furlough imposed on City Staff, Wilshire Park was joined with Country Club Park and Windsor Village with a shared Board, referred to informally as “The Triplets” – the first HPOZ Board to serve more than one HPOZ. This took pressure off the Planning Staff, reduced case processing time and offered the three HPOZs access to a much larger pool of qualified Board members, including a licensed architect willing to serve.

Each HPOZ has its own adopting ordinance, keeping the identity of each HPOZ intact. The success of The Triplets has allowed the new HPOZ Ordinance adopted in 2017 to combine multiple HPOZs under a single Board as part of the reforms necessitated by the rising popularity of the HPOZ Program. The Citywide Ordinance recent amendments can be found here.

The three Preservation Plans, which includes historic research, architectural styles, important architects and most importantly define what the HPOZ controls, were adopted at the same time. The “Context Statement,” a section included in the Preservation Plan that explores the history and patterns of development for the area is specific to each HPOZ. But the “Guidelines,” the part that specifies what is controlled and general policies, are identical across all three Plans. Preservation Plans are based on the Nationally accepted standards for Historic Districts as defined by the Office of the Secretary of the Interior, which is charged with managing historic districts across the country. Applying the Secretary of the interior’s Standards guarantees that the Preservation Plan maintains guidelines that meet levels of best practices for Preservation.

Soon, the latest HPOZ, Oxford Square, will be joining the Triplets - making us the Quadruplets.