LAPD Olympic Division

Senior Lead Officer Harry Cho -- 213-793-0649,

Olympic Division Community Police Advisory Board Update

A continual reminder from Harry Cho --  Please, if you see ANYTHING SUSPICIOUS...PLEASE CALL 911 AND REPORT IT!!! 

Make sure you lock all of your doors and secure your windows when you leave the house...and turn on your security systems if you have them.  Sign up for RING!


Video surveillance and security systems are highly recommended.

Install a tracking software on your iPads, laptops and computers.  

Take videos and pictures of your valuables.  Write down serial numbers and tag your valuables.

Do not leave valuables in your master bedrooms. Master bedrooms are the first place criminals look.  If you have expensive jewelry, put it in a safety deposit box.   

Know your neighbors!  Tell your trusted neighbors if your going to be gone out of town and have them check on your home.  

Park a car in your driveway if your going to be gone for a period of time.

Get sensor/motion detector lights to go on and off at night times.

Stop mail and news paper delivery if your going to be out of town.


Make sure you do not leave any valuables or items visible in your cars and make sure you lock your car.

Take what ever precaution you need to make your self, your home and your valuables safe!

And...volunteer to be a Block Captain!