Poop Happens

Poop Happens Sign

Want to support Wilshire Park, help your neighbors, and prevent stepping in poop, all for just $6? Here is a win-win-win solution.

Wilshire Park Association has produced a tasteful way to remind dog owners to clean up after their pets. But sometimes even the most responsible dog owners run into a problem - they already used up the bags they brought with them, and their dog isn't done yet. So our custom Wilshire Park signs come with a roll of poo bags, and a cheerful invitation to help yourself.

The signs are 8"x12", full color, and have an image of an apologetic dog, rather than something - how to say this - less endearing. The wire device at the top presents the dog-walker with a bio-degradable poop bag, which they hopefully will take home to their own trash can. Refill rolls are available at grocery stores, pet supply shops, Amazon, and pretty much everywhere, so if you run out, it is easy to fix.

Wilshire Park Association will make a modest profit on the sale of every sign.

If you want one of these triple-duty signs, please contact robby.odonnell@gmail.com.