Ring Doorbell Pilot Project

Help yourself, and your neighbors, cut down crime with a Ring Video Doorbell.

As a resident of Wilshire Park, you are eligible to participate in a LAPD-partnered pilot program with Ring.com. You'll receive a free Ring Video Doorbell, with professional installation, and a free Ring Protect Plus subscription, allowing you to record, download, play back, and email recordings of Ring videos.

To receive your Ring, please email our neighborhood Ring.com contact, Taylor Kurosaki at taylorkurosaki@mac.com.

Provide the following information in the email:

  1. Date of Request:

  2. Full Name:

  3. Home Address:

  4. Email Address:

  5. Phone Number:

  6. Will the doorbell be mounted on an uneven surface (e.g. stone, shingles etc.)?

  7. Please provide At Least two date and times as possible appointment slots. These two dates need to be at least one week after the date you request the doorbell.

Here is some more information about Ring: