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Security Poll for Wilshire Park Residents

This poll is to help us understand as a community what other residents are doing to help keep our community safe.


This poll is anonymous, the only field that is not optional is the block you are a resident of.  All other responses are optional.  Any information you can share will help us understand what residents are doing and can do to keep themselves and others as safe as they can be.


Answers to this poll will go to the Wilshire Park Association board members and we will share the general overview of the information with the our residents only.    POLL CLOSES MARCH 3rd

Are you concerned about break ins?
Are you signed up for your block neighbors text chain?
Do you currently have an alarm system?
If you answered, Yes above. What system do you have?
If you don’t have an alarm system, are you interested in getting one?
Do you have any other items that you have to deter a possible break in? Check all that apply.
Do you think any of the following help deter break ins? Check all that apply.

Lastly, the neighbors have been talking about increasing the amount of patrol in the Neighborhood.  Would you be interested in being part of making this happen?  Below are some questions to help us gauge the neighborhood interest as well as how many residents already have patrol.

Are you signed up for Patrol response in addition to an alarm? If so, which company are you signed up for.
Would you be interested in signing up for a dedicated neighborhood Patrol if it was available? If so, what are you willing to pay monthly for the Patrol? Check all that apply.

Thank you for taking the time to give us your thoughts.

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