Open now until 12/31/2020!

​With Halloween cancelled this year, Wilshire Park Association is linking arms with See's Candies Yumraising.


Halloween has been Wilshire Park Association's one and only source of income for 10 years. But with the much anticipated Halloween Haunt out of the question this year, it seems that this not only would cover some of our annual expenses, it would offer our residents a way to easily order See's for the holidays.


The perfect gift for distant family members or a welcome client gift, shipped directly from See's. No touch, no line, no risk. See's charges it's regular retail price, but gives Wilshire Park a generous 20% for every sale. See's handles all the shipping. This is a complete online store, so your investment in time and labor is minimal.


Use this link to order from the Wilshire Park See's Storefront , get your holiday shopping started early or treat yourself, your kid's teacher, your best friend or anyone in your life deserves a thank you or needs a cheering up, while helping Wilshire Park.