Wilshire Park will be hosting its 9th Halloween Haunt on Saturday, October 27, on Bronson Avenue between Wilshire and 8th. The event has morphed from a simple front-yard get-together into our major social and fundraising event. Once again, our City Councilmember, David Ryu, has agreed to sponsor the street closure of the event, so that all participants will be safe from traffic.


Again, we need your support as well. Here is how you can help:



Wilshire Park relies on this event to operate for an entire year. For the most part, the Haunt is a gift from your neighbors to our community. The food that is sold is donated by the people who serve it. The bounce houses are all courtesy of our homeowners. Many homeowner go all out being gracious hosts, decorating at their own expense. Wilshire Park's expenses for the Haunt are for rentals: the stage, the golf cart, and a zombie or two. For these expenses, Wilshire Park Association needs seed money to make the Haunt happen. 


We need help setting up, cleaning up, manning tables and games, driving the golf cart, and just generally patrolling to answer questions and making sure that everyone is having a good time.

Food and supplies.

We always need chips, candy, drinks, table cloths and so on.


Plan for the necessary street closure. Plan to have an alternative to street parking for yourself and your guests. Remember, this event benefits the entire community. For your investment of 8 hours of disruption once a year, Wilshire Park Association can afford an entire year of community services, such as general meetings, printed and online communication, required non-profit insurance, a mailbox and much more.

Plan to have a lot of people on the street. Try to help keep us all safe by lighting your porch lights and keeping an eye out for your neighbors' welfare. See something, say something.


Even if you can't host an event, decorate lavishly, or rain money, please come and join the party and meet your neighbors. This is probably one of the most valuable donations you can make - letting us meet you.

Come in costume! Our adults in scary makeup and clothing are a thrill for our little ones, and set the mood for a great party.

Tell your friends, invite guests, and don't forget your kids' friends and classmates.

Come and meet our representatives and our police force. Last year, Dvid Ryu, our City Councilmember, and our Senior Lead Officer, Harry Cho, attended and got to know a lot of us by name.