Wilshire Park Halloween Haunt 2020



We like it scary, but not THAT scary


Brian Finney's classic truck, creatively haunted

The traditional Halloween Haunt, which has had a really successful 10 year run, has to be suspended this year due to health problems associated with large gatherings.


This year, we are relying on our residents to create an entirely new experience. To keep us all safe, we can all contribute to the holiday tradition by participating in the Halloween Haunt Drive Thru, similar to what people have done for decades for Christmas Lighting Tours.

We are asking that every house do at least some decorating - something that can be seen from a car or from the sidewalk for masked and distanced pedestrians: display a jack-o-lantern, put up some spooky decorations, lighting, projections, large or even life-size figures. Go big, go small, whatever your preference. Instead of spending your Halloween budget on candy, dress up your house. Some pretty sophisticated Halloween decorations are available at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, TargetDollar Tree and the 99 Cent Store, and there's always Amazon. Skeletons, styrofoam headstones - cheap thrills! And don't ignore your own creative urges: make something new, develop a theme, display your imagination and artistic skills.  Maybe haunt your parked car! And if you are a really good sport, put on a costume and wave to the passing kids. Safe, simple, budget friendly, and a brand new memory for our kids, whose childhood memories will be marked forever by this pandemic.

Please let us know if you plan to decorate and your address will appear on a map to distribute to residents who want to participate as spectators. Plans for an award for the best work in several categories will be announced. Email robby.odonnell@gmail.com to be included on the map.


Wilshire Park has depended on the Haunt for its annual income and for 10 years, and every year our profit increased with the growing populariity of the event. In lieu of income from the Haunt, you can help Wilshire Park by supporting our See's Candies YumRaising project. If you have enjoyed the Haunt in the past, please consider making a donation to Wilshire Park to cover the administrative expenses: insurance, permits, our mailbox, our website, and the requisite non-profit fees. We have always and still do run on a very minimalist budget, with a war chest that is far smaller than our neighboring Neighborhood Associations. Your donation will be carefully managed.

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