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Board Members and Block Captains

Officers and Committee Chair/Co-Chair appointments

List updated: March 16, 2024


​President – Lorna Hennington

Vice President – Kat Becker

Secretary – Judy Han Gregory

Treasurer-- Jennifer Meislohn

Bylaws – Kat Becker and Lorna Hennington

Community Police Advisory Board – Kat Becker, Adam Dromi, Chris Yung

HPOZ Liaison – Dudley Saunders

Street Cameras – Dudley Saunders

GWNC Liaison – John Gresham

LA Film Liaison – David Donley

Halloween Haunt – Azalea Bruns and Jennifer Meislohn

Beautification/Cleanup – Felice Pappas, Tony Moon, Claudia Franck

Website – Jennifer Meislohn, Henry Choi

Newsletter  – Patricia Casado, Lorna Hennington

School Liaisons for Wilton Place and Wilshire Park Elementary – Jill Ross and Claudia Franck 

Welcoming – Lorna Hennington, Chris Yung, Judy Gregory

Block Captain Chair – Andrew Lee

Community Emergency Response Team – Adam Dromi, Phil Hong

Members-At-Large – Jennifer Nairn-Smith


Block Captains:

Bronson 600/700 -- Lorna Hennington

Bronson 800 -- Sam Bahremand, Andrew Lee

Bronson 900 -- Steven Novak, Judy Gregory

Ingraham --  Empty

Leeward --  Aaron Borden, Adam Dromi and Warren Kim

Norton 700 --  Monica Lawson

Norton 800 --  Peter White

Norton 900 -- Henry Choi, Alice Kim

Westchester 800 -- Charmaine Smith

Westchester 900 -- Bora Chon

3rd 800 -- Jill Ross

3rd 900 -- Kat Becker

4th -- Dudley Saunders

5th 800 --  Carlos Castellanos

5th 900 -- Gary Ichihara

7th -- Kevin Butler with an assist by David Donley

8th --  Empty

9th and San Marino -- Empty


Senior Lead Officer for the Olympic Division of the LAPD -- Harry Cho --

Current council member of Council District 5 is Katy Yaroslavsky and the Field Deputy for Council District 5, is Michelle Flores.

To Get In Touch with the Officers or Committee Members

Please fill out the form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

We will get in touch as soon as possible.

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