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The Scavenger Hunt


In the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, neighborhood associations are doing all they can to continue on their missions and to keep their neighbors connected.


The Wilshire Park Association, representing the close knit neighborhood of Wilshire Park, which is also an Historic Preservation Overlay Zone, is doing just that.  Through it’s website and email newsletters, it is checking in to make sure residents are okay, and have what they need, especially the elderly neighbors.  And they are continuing on with community activities and fundraising.


Unable to put on its big event and major fundraiser, the Annual Halloween Haunt, which would have been celebrating it’s 11th year, had to be cancelled.  But the neighborhood association has scheduled a trifecta of fun and fundraising activities as safe substitutes in 2020.


The first was on Sunday, September 6, when the neighborhood had some bonding and fun with its "IN YOUR OWN FRONT YARD" PICNIC AND SCAVENGER HUNT.  The date turned out to be one of the hottest on record for Los Angeles, but the neighbors soldiered on – socially distanced picnicking in their yards, waiving hello, biking, relaxing to music in the sun, walking and driving by.  Senior Lead Officer Harry Cho, of Olympic Division, was also in attendance, handing out colorful LAPD masks.


And the Scavenger Hunt was a great success with many kids participating with the aid of their parents, who drove some of them around the neighborhood in cars.  Items were hidden throughout the neighborhood but could be seen from the sidewalk. The kids were given a list in advance, and indicated the address where they found each item as quickly as possible.  There were 3 winners:  Blue Kurosaki, John Bruns and Ward McLean – each receiving a gift certificate for lots of ice cream from a shop on Larchmont.


The second event will be to celebrate Halloween!  There will be a Halloween Home Decorating Contest, a Halloween themed Scavenger Hunt because the first one was so popular, and a socially distanced variation on trick or treating for the residents.

Finally, to round out the year with some necessary fundraising to keep the organization financially healthy, the WPA will be holding a See’s Candy Fundraiser, totally online.


The WPA hopes to bring back it’s Annual Halloween Haunt in 2021, but is grateful to have safe options to keep the neighborhood connected and to continue to provide some joyous memories for the resident children and adults alike.

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