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Ways to Support the

There are many ways that your time and talent can benefit our neighborhood.


  • Join the Wilshire Park Association Board. Board members meet twice a year. Finances, problem solving and projects all start here, and your fresh ideas could take root and become a reality. Come to the meetings, help with communications, propose a project.

  • Become a Block Captain. Contact one of the Board members and let them know you are interested.

  • Attend the HPOZ and the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council meetings. All of these activities make Wilshire Park a more diverse and vibrant place to be.

  • Let us know if your neighbor is celebrating a graduation, birthday, anniversary, new baby, new pet, new neighbor, etc. We want to announce it and keep all our spirits high. Send you announcements to Lorna Hennington.


  • Make sure you are on our email list, and don't forget to include your phone number. While we are phasing out paper flyers, there are many people who have limited access to the internet and can miss information that they may need and want. If your neighbor is in this situation, do whatever you can to keep them informed - print notifications for them, share meeting schedules, and convey news.

  • Talk to the Board members of the HPOZ, Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council, Our Senior Lead Officer Harry Cho, office when you see something that needs their attention.

  • Sign up for Ring, even if you don't have a Ring device. The Ring app sends notifications directly from neighbors to your text. Whether there is danger or if there is simply a comment or lost pet notice, Ring can be an important tool for identifying dangerous intruders, reporting stolen property and more.

  • Stay connected with neighbors in need. In times when grocery shopping, banking and other errands that used to be simple have suddenly become a risky and inconvenient odyssey, offer to take a neighbor with you to the store or offer to pick up a few things for them. The fewer trips we all make, the safer we all are.


  • The operating expenses of Wilshire Park Association are very minimal but they do a lot of good. WP can't hold meetings or events without the appropriate insurance.WPA needs your support more than ever. You can Donate via PayPal or mail a check to 5482 Wilshire Blvd. #218, 90036.

To donate to the Wilshire Park Association, you can use the PayPal link or QR codes to our PayPal and Venmo accounts.  To donate via a check, please see the address noted.

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Wilshire Park Association

5482 Wilshire Blvd. #218

Los Angeles CA 90036


Wilshire Park Association is a California (501)(c)(3) non-profit organization.


California Charitable Trust Number CT 0182205

FEIN 20-1654608

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