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Next Annual Meeting
Early 2024

Our last Annual General Meeting took place on February 9, 2023.  Below was the agenda for the meeting.

Agenda from General Meeting (February 2023)

  • CD5 Councilmember staff introduction

  • LAPD Olympic Division, Senior Lead Officer Harry Cho

  • WPA Committee Reports

Fundraising -- 

Bylaws -- 

Community Police Advisory Board -- 

Land Use -- 

Halloween Haunt --

4th of July/Summer Celebration -- 

HPOZ Liaison -- (liaison between WPA and the HPOZ Board, not on the HPOZ Board) -- GWNC Liaison -- John Gresham, Tony Moon

Beautification/Cleanup --

Website/Newsletter -- 

School Liaison -- Wilton Place -- 

School Liaison -- Wilshire Park Elementary -- 

Welcoming -- 

Block Captain Coordinator -- 

  • Halloween Haunt 2023

  • Intro of new neighbors

  • Board elections

  • Parking

  • Discuss voting for the Official Logo

  • Discuss parking decals for Wilshire Park residents

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