Officers and Committee Members

Officers elected:

President, Judy Gregory

Vice President, Lorna Hennington

Secretary, Eleeza Agopian

Treasurer, Lorna Hennington
Co-Treasurer, Jennifer Meislohn


Committee Chair/Co-Chair appointments:

Fundraising -- Lorna Hennington

Bylaws -- Lorna Hennington 

Community Police Advisory Board -- Kat Becker, Blane Kidane

Land Use -- Gary Ichihara, David Jurmain

Halloween Haunt -- Azalea Bruns, Jennifer Meislohn

4th of July/Summer Celebration -- Kelli Hurley, Judy Gregory

HPOZ Liaison -- (liaison between WPA and the HPOZ Board, not on the HPOZ Board) -- Dudley Saunders, Ben Handzo

GWNC Liaison -- John Gresham, Tony Moon

Beautification/Cleanup -- Elizabeth White, Blane Kidane

Parking -- Judy Gregory, Elizabeth White, Felice Pappas

Website/Newsletter -- Eleeza Agopian, Ben Handzo, Jennifer Meislohn

School Liaison -- Wilton Place -- Kelli Hurley

School Liaison -- Wilshire Park Elementary -- Not Filled

Welcoming -- Blane Kidane, Felice Pappas

Block Captain Coordinator -- Susan Dawkins

And our Senior Lead Officer for the Olympic Division of the LAPD continues on!  -- Harry Cho --

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