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Halloween Haunt Silent Auction

This year we have a few items that didn't get picked up or were left over due to the over abundance of items for auction this year.  Click on the pictures below to get more information about the items.

Please email us @ if you are interested in the item, first come first served.

All proceeds go to the Wilshire Park Association, a California (501)(c)(3) non-profit organization.

*Cash, PayPal, Venmo will be accepted forms of payment. 

THANK YOU!!!  To all of the donors both residents and local businesses that donated this year!

​Azalea Bruns, Barbara Ayon, Belen from Maria Belen Ceramics , Caitlin Revell from Wander Landscape Design, Diptyque - Paris (Larchmont), Felice Pappas, Janice MeislohnJennifer Meislohn, Lorna Hennington, Olivia Scott from Fit By O, Paramount Pictures, Reuben Ramirez from Matisse Flowers, Robby O'Donnell, Rovi Tolentino, Sushi HON

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